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August 31st, 2008 by Mikademus

Hi folks. Now that the site is opened I might add the very first developer’s blog entry. I am Mikademus and am the lead developer of the modding and remake projects happening here.

We have a small but growing and quite thriving community of Warhammer and tactical wargame fans, and all of us seem to agree that Warhammer: Dark Omen is one of the most thrilling and challenging games to date, even ten years after its release!

However, good as the game is, there are some drawbacks to it. In spite of significant and ongoing modding endeavours we still have difficulties creating new maps for the game. The game is relatively difficult to get to work on recent operating systems, and won’t run under WINE. Also, the interface and graphics leave some things to be desired.

Therefore, a remake project, called Bright Portents, is underway. Bright Portents is not a puire remake in itself, but rather a free and separate module to an even more ambitious project called WARTBED, or “War And Regimental Tactical Battle Engine Deluxe”, which will be able to handle multiple plug-in projects, that all will be able to exchange data.

Though still young, a significant headway has been made and the Dark Omen data is almost fully supported. Anyone with programming skills and passion for RTT (real-time tactics) games are invited to participate!



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